Jun 29, 2008

Filtering on bridge

There used to be a flaw in using ipfw on bridge interface. It's impossible to distinguish incoming packets on member interface from incoming packets on bridge itself. For example consider two rules:
add 1 allow ip from any to any in recv bridge
add 2 allow ip from any to any in recv member

First rule will never match. The logic is ok here (if you are aware of ipfw's handling of interface options). But what do you expect if you disable filtering on member interfaces and perform filtering on bridge only. You expect rule 1 to match all incoming packets on bridge. It gets extremely annoying when using stateful filtering.

First time I came across this issue several years ago. But didn't figure out how to fix it. At that time I've decided to switch to pf.

Actually ipfw is the only firewall that allow rules like
allow ip from any to any out recv if1 xmit if2
Such tricks are possible because ipfw gets input interface from mbuf of a packet. pf for example relies on pfil to provide interface.

I've added a hack into if_bridge to work around it. It contradicts traditional ipfw behaviour a little but seems to be much more useful. I think patches are useful enough and can be commited into FreeBSD:


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