Jan 22, 2011

PEFS changelog

PEFS changelog since September 2010:
  • Add AESNI hardware acceleration support.
  • Several rename fixes: vnode reference leak, incorrect locking, livelock, missing lookup(), always perform nfs-style dummy rename.
  • Skip directory entries with zero inode number (empty entry) (could result in reusing invalid entries).
  • Fix mounting ZFS snapshots (incorrect vn_fullpath locking).
  • Reduce possibility of free vnode shortage livelock by freeing vnode in-place for non-ZFS file systems and if called from vnlru proc in ZFS case. Add asyncreclaim mount option.
  • Add missing vnode operations: vop_pathconf, vop_getacl. Improve error repoting in link() and truncate().
  • Report correct max name size and max symlink size supported.
  • Always use 4Kb block to support archs with large page sizes in future.
  • Use AES128-CTR to encrypt keys in chain database, simplify Key-Encryption-Key generation procedure. Database has to be recreated anew after the change.